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Collection: Domaine Clos des Fées 

The story of Domaine du Clos des Fées begins in 1997 - voted Best Young Sommelier of France at the age of 21, restaurateur and writer Hervé Bizeul fell in love with these magical landscapes, nestled in the majestic Vingrau, at the foot of the Eastern Pyrenees, near the Mediterranean Sea, in the region of Roussillon.Herve recognised the quality potential of the cool high sites of these magnificent limestone based vineyards sitting well above the valley floors where most producers work in easier and more fertile soils.
Following the call of the land and his great passion for the vine, Hervé Bizeul decided to establish with his wife Claudine the Clos des Fées estate. Buying up old and often abandoned vineyards from these high slopes. Herve has gradually amassed dozens of tiny plots, of which many are magnificent mature vineyards spread throughout these cooler slopes. With a large team of vineyard workers, they work approximately only 2 hectares of vines each throughout the year, producing tiny yields of perfectly ripe fruits. Vinifying gently and using minimal SO2 during the winemaking process; the resulting wines show remarkable finesse and freshness behind the ripeness obtained from these fresh limestone based soils.
Whilst focussing on the varieties that have always been the strength of this historic region, Herve has also managed to produce great results with carefully selected root stock from Merlot and Cabernet franc as well as other varieties. The freshness and polish he achieves in these immacualte wines is testament not only to his wine-making skills but also his knowledge of the great wines of the world having previously worked as a sommelier in Paris and running his own restaurant.
After its debut vintage in 1998, Clos des Fées experienced a meteoric rise in demand. Today, the Clos des Fées estate is one of the most prestigious in Languedoc-Roussillon, producing iconic wines like La Petite Sibérie.
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