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Collection: PETALUMA - South Australia

Petaluma was founded in 1976 with the sole objective to produce ultrapremium wines by carefully selecting the best sites within a particular Australian region suited to a chosen variety, thus creating the concept of Petaluma's 'Distinguished Vineyards'.
This approach defied established industry views in the 1970s. In this era, mainstream Australian viticulture practices focused on exploiting Australia's sunny climate and broad scale viticulture. Improved mechanisation and winemaking efficiencies were the core elements that allowed the Australian wine industry to produce solid quality generic style wines. It was believed by Petaluma founder, Brian Croser, that this approach could only ever guarantee consistent but average wines.
Instead, Petaluma's vision focused on the importance of quality viticultural sites in Australia. This approach was a revolution in thinking which would push Petaluma ahead of other Australian wineries of the time and would become the foundation for the creation of truly great wines. Wines that live long in the memory and which legacies are made of. Andrew Hardy and his winemaking and viticultural team continue this legacy, striving to push boundaries and craft distinctive wines reflective of their terrior.
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